The Cornerstones Initiative employs five key strategies to increase overall coherence within and across grade years, and within and across school boundaries.


Learning experiences built in as high points in each grade and course.

Students look forward to and remember CS, regardless of where they go to school.


Cornerstones lessons available through an online platform in a consistent format.

Teachers encounter the Cornerstone materials as a fully integrated part of the normal curriculum. Administrators can access and understand materials across grade bands and content areas. Regardless of grade level, Cornerstones have the same key components that lead to a high quality learning experience.


Other district initiatives, such as LEAP Professional Development and the IMPACT teacher evaluation, aligned to strategies developed for Cornerstones.

Teachers experience district strategic initiatives as aligned and cohesive.

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Professional Development focused around Cornerstones.

Teachers are involved in the creation of a unified vision for teaching and learning.


Cornerstones lessons required in nearly every course Kindergarten - 12.

An overarching vision of teaching and learning can be replicated and customized to every content area. Students experience Cornerstones at every grade, and in every school.